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For How long a seller is Bounded to do Revision?


Hello hope all are doing well
just need some conformation that if i delivered an order as clients brief & it’s completed automatically & then a buyer came after 15 to 20 days & ask me tons of revisions then what to do ? means i offered him 3 revisions but he was not back with in that 3 days interval that fiverr provided so am i bounded to him to do revision or i can ask him to buy extra gig for that ? as he is too late ?


If the order completing time has elapsed I think you’re not obligated to submit revisions. In fact, there’s no such option after the three days window period. But you can make arrangements with the buyer about concerning the revision otherwise they might give you negative rating. Hope this helps.


You can simply reply that since the order is closed the buyer is not able to request revisions. This is not your rule, it’s Fiverr’s rule and explained in TOS.
As a good will gesture you can do one revision outside of the official revision process, but that is it. Rules are rules and you don’t want to get into trouble.

If the buyer doesn’t get it and demands a revision then send him to CS. You can say that you can’t reopen the order and official revisions can’t be done on a closed order. He can take it up with the CS if he wants to.


After it completes you do not have to do any revisions. That is the end of it.

Tell the buyer that the order is complete and the time to request revisions has ended. Send the buyer a custom order with a fair price to do the additional work they want.


As @misscrystal said, there is no obligation for any revision.
If you feel like doing one anyway, you should clearly state that it is pure out of courtesy.


I believe when you were creating the gig there was a drop down menu to select the number of revision you are offering.
If the buyer exceeded the number of revision you are offering,you are entitled to get more fee(and you can mention it on your gig extra)


Thanks but it recently something like that happens to me & i did same, then buyer have contact to CS & after that my $90 order was canceled & refunded to buyer with a warning saying that you are trying to trick our system i was too upset & after that last month again same happen the buyer ask me a totally different design after the order was completed & then he left a negative review when i said that is not possible you need to buy gig extra version, & when i contact CS for this situation they said that buyer satisfaction is important,