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For Indian sellers, what is the tax option that must be selected?

All of us know the taxation system has changed recently! So now we are supposed to update our billing info to avoid freezing of our gigs. This is one of the questions asked-
How is your service taxed? Should I be selecting Export (1% TCS and no GST) or exempt (no TCS and GST)?
Thank you!


Tcs is Tax Collected at source,

since we are not buying anything and selling a service in which we are not making more than 20 00 000 RS/pa we don’t need to have GST registration

So I would say no TCS and GST


There is an exempt option, so I guess that’s what I need.

Now what will happen in my case as I have moved from India to Australia (for good) and will be receiving the payment in Paypal Australia, which will be linked to my Australian Tax info.

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Great, thank you so much!

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Did you selected the exempt option?

It you are making more than 20 00 000 RS/pa from Fiverr you can opt for 1% TCS and make sure you fill in your Pan number or GST number.

you can always apply for refund when you file your tax like TDS

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If GST info is updated,will buyers get charged through GST number of seller?

No. you have to pay 20% to fiverr and 18% GST

Thank you so much for information

For people following this thread, I checked with my CA, as well! And @priyasumit786 is absolutely right. Unless you are making more than 20 LPA on Fiverr, you need not register for GST and the Exempt option is applicable!


for exempt option some certification is required from tax authorities right?

You can’t choose exempt option unless you have that certificate!

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Which option is right?
3)Reverse Charge

What kind of certificate is that? Do we need to get it from a CA?

I selected the exempt option and it didn’t ask me for any certification or whatsoever.

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Since you have selected this option, is Fiverr no longer deducting TDS from your earnings?

I would like to know the answer for that as well.

Should I go with exempt option ?
I already pay taxes here and I don’t want to pay it twice because of Fiverr.

Yes! TDS will still be cut though and you can file returns for that!