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That’s great research

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Did a search here on the forums for “Services Available” to see if anyone in the past has recorded the results from the main platform.

Found a few and re-ran the searches. Picked some that were about a year old, and pre-pandemic-panic/lockdown. Here are some of the results with hard numbers:

Click to see. (Hidden to keep length down)

Date of post: 15 Sep 2019
Current (as of this post) results for “Beta Reader”: 1,068 Services available

Date of post: 23 Oct 2019
Current results for “Watercolour” (with a ‘u’): 314 Services available

Date of post: 18 Dec 2019
Current results for “baby names”: 43 Services available

Oh, here’s a more common one!

Date of post: 6 Jan 2020
Current results for “video editing”: 24,478 Services available

Date of post: 21 Jan 2020
Current results for “English teacher”: 674 Services available

In conclusion, ALL have roughly doubled in the past year/10 months.
I know most of these have NO actual demand, and thus are very niche, but finding forum posts that qualified (right timeframe, listed search word(s), hard number posted) is tricky.


I just check >> 80,921 Services available!!

Intresting , within 24 hours around 3k+ gigs are out of the search (or business.)


If I search for “wordpress” I get 80,920 results (relevance sort).
If I select the wordpress subcategory without entering a search and select the recommended sort it says 84,488 services available. It’s still less than the 84,545 value though.


That’s interesting. I can understand that it changes all the time.

I get this right now.


Just out of curiosity, I have recorded all category and subcategory and got these figures and charts.

Might be useful for someone interested in niche research, analysis, I don’t know…

Here’s also the answer for POLL │ Guess how many services available on Fiverr as of today :smile:


I see, you were analyzing by the actual category. That makes sense. The 36,778 you have for “video editing” is indeed bigger than the 24,478 from search results. Interesting, and that correlates with what wp_kid and uk1000 noticed.

Also, yeah, nearly 2m gigs on Fiverr. WOW. (I guessed 4m+, so I guess I was being pessimistic. Interesting thing about the average of the crowd, and statistics and sample sizes, though.)


So this site:

was a bit wrong when they said:

Today, Fiverr offers a catalogue of digital services in over 150 categories, with more than 10 million services online from 150 countries, according to data provided by the company. And some 6000 new services are added every day.

Maybe Fiverr meant services sold (so multiple sales of the same services would be counted multiple times) rather than the number of services currently offered on Fiverr.

Some of the ones in the subcategories with the lowest number of gigs seem only available to Pro sellers, which is probably one reason why there’s so few gigs (that and they’re probably new subcategories). eg. Public Relations and Building Information Modelling seem only available to Pros.


I also guess 10M are services sold. :thinking: 6000 new services each day (said in Sep 2017), hard to believe it…

I counted 194 categories as of today.

And finally, here’s complete list. :wink:


To me the idea is finding a “gig monopoly,” in other words, a gig no one else has. Sometimes no one else has it because it’s worthless, but other times you’re the first one to see an opportunity no one else has seen.

Imagine that everyone has gigs about swiss cheese, and you find there isn’t a single gig for feta.


As a person with Adobe Illustrator installed, I’m intrigued by a new country breaking through the monopoly and entering the top 3 in the vector tracing category of all things.

Interesting read. Thank you for putting it together.


I guess it’s not that easy, but yes, should people demand feta and you know how to make good one, let’s serve it.

These numbers are just one end of the market, the other one is demand. I mean future demand. In between, there is expertise and skills.

The list shows just facts available to everybody as a picture of today.

It may show Users what could be the issue if they don’t get wished orders for example.

Of course, there are categories that are not so crowded and if Users are capable, skilled and think they could shine in different category, why not…


I pay for complete CC so my country is about light-year from podium.

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There might be several reasons for that.

  1. Like @blavaro mentioned, the number may change because gigs get activated and deactivated.
    but I suppose thousands within a minute is quite a lot.
  2. I guess it has to do with the keyword and subcategory. For example someone might have selected WordPress as a subcategory on the gig but has nowhere mentioned it in the description or title, therefore will not be part of your search results.

OH WOW, Time to go into Vocal Tuning >:) Only 712 services? I’ve been thinking about it and how to market it but now I really want to if there are so few gigs, who knows, might get a decent result. Thanks for this!!

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It’s very hard, it requires a lot of searching until you find something with no results, and then figure out if you want to do it or not.

The trick is to do something original, even within a crowded category. Sometimes you see logo designers that specialize in restaurants, so you have to search “restaurant logo” to find them. Same goes for religious book covers, romance book covers, etc. For voice talent, I imagine there must be a few you can find if you search “Spanish accent.” So if you need someone that sounds like Ricardo Montalban, that’s how you find him.


So, there was a category split about 2-3 weeks ago, and was wondering how you deal with sub-subcategories, as the numbers don’t total the whole.


Taken today, 20 Nov 2020.

As for the enormous number discrepancy from your list, I’m guessing a lot of gigs were removed for “Your gig need updating” reasons.


I got different picture for Proofreading & Editing subcategory here. Sorted by Recommended.

Proofreading & Editing Screenshot

It does not make too much sense to try updating the list.

The number of services changes every day. Gig’s are deleted, created, recategorised, updated etc…
New subcategories are introduced

I created out of curiosity just one update on Nov 11th, 2020 for all services but it is not possible to compare 100% as some Gigs were regrouped in Subcategories…

Updated List


Kudos for trying.

And that’s very odd, that my category numbers were basically half. But that might explain some of the complaints from people ‘not showing up in their category’.


Interesting. Didn’t know same three countries were so popular in many categories. Perhaps Fiverr has done most advertising in those countries or it’s just more popular to be a freelancer there. :thinking: