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It’s very hard, it requires a lot of searching until you find something with no results, and then figure out if you want to do it or not.

The trick is to do something original, even within a crowded category. Sometimes you see logo designers that specialize in restaurants, so you have to search “restaurant logo” to find them. Same goes for religious book covers, romance book covers, etc. For voice talent, I imagine there must be a few you can find if you search “Spanish accent.” So if you need someone that sounds like Ricardo Montalban, that’s how you find him.


So, there was a category split about 2-3 weeks ago, and was wondering how you deal with sub-subcategories, as the numbers don’t total the whole.


Taken today, 20 Nov 2020.

As for the enormous number discrepancy from your list, I’m guessing a lot of gigs were removed for “Your gig need updating” reasons.


I got different picture for Proofreading & Editing subcategory here. Sorted by Recommended.

Proofreading & Editing Screenshot

It does not make too much sense to try updating the list.

The number of services changes every day. Gig’s are deleted, created, recategorised, updated etc…
New subcategories are introduced

I created out of curiosity just one update on Nov 11th, 2020 for all services but it is not possible to compare 100% as some Gigs were regrouped in Subcategories…

Updated List


Kudos for trying.

And that’s very odd, that my category numbers were basically half. But that might explain some of the complaints from people ‘not showing up in their category’.


Interesting. Didn’t know same three countries were so popular in many categories. Perhaps Fiverr has done most advertising in those countries or it’s just more popular to be a freelancer there. :thinking:

I bet on this:

COVID-19 pandemic and social media advices how quick and easy money freelancing is, accelerated the boom.

But I also noticed that Bangladeshi government actively promoted freelancing in their country offering different events, workshops, courses etc…


That is so smart. Wish more countries were encouraging freelancing and working from home especially at times like this.

It alll about the services needed most by the buyers