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For level 2 is it a rolling two months to achieve it at 50 orders


I wanted to know if i don’t quite have 50 or more orders…if i hit the 2 months mark does my time start over having to generate another 50 plus orders plus good ratings to hit level 2 again. or is it a rolling two months meaning I need to have 50 or more within a two months period… hope that months sense.


I just got my Level 2 status and this is my best understanding how it works.

50 completed orders over any amount of time (cancelled orders do not count in the 50 minimum).

You also need to be a Seller for at least 2 months.

That’s IT, beside the good ratings bla bla bla crap

Best of Luck :smiley:


Good question…it doesn’t seem to be an exact science. If I remember correctly, I hit level 2 after making 50 sales, but since I’m not a high-volume seller, I’m sure there have been 2 month intervals where I don’t have 50 sales. You don’t have to continually reach 50 sales within a 2-month period to stay on level 2. What seems to be more important is having excellent ratings and not breaking the rules (terms of service).


I’m a little confused because it said 50 sales WITHIN 2 months. So I just hit my 1 month mark and over 50 sales. I moved up to Level 1. But, shouldn’t I be moved to Level 2 also since I have over 50 sales WITHIN 2 months?