For Mobile Site Seller? Are You NEED a Hand?


Hi all member forum,

I am active seller on fiverr selling mobile site, but already 5 days I not getting any order again #-o so I have many spare time now. Just wanna to know if any Mobile Site Seller who had “too many order” and cannot handle by self or no time to do the order cause still busy, offline job, on vacation, etc., you can send your order to me :smiley:

Here the Deal Offer: for every 3 gigs you send to me, I will send back to you as 1 tip, just make sure you have tip gigs (or you can create it now) to receive this offer.

Not agree with this offer? No Problem, just send me you rate, we can discussion it later! :wink:

Don’t forget to contact me, cheers…



P.S: Just trying a new way to get order! who’s know???

P.P.S: You need a hand? contact me! order, discussion, how to, share idea, anything is welcome!