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For my First order

Hi Guys,
I am new seller on fiverrr this is my Gig.

Can you guys just rate my gig out of 10 ?

It will really help me to improve my gig & Get my First Order.



That niche is totally oversaturated and you don’t offer anything that stands out.


Hi Pedro,

It may be saturated but his interaction on this post stood out to me, Please rate my First Gig out of 5

So much so that he has now delivered on his first order, & got himself a 5* review.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and often it just takes someone to let them prove themselves, which he did :sunglasses:


can you do the same for me ? lol everything is so simple …even I whoops O_O I don’t want to get flag.

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Well that is the forum. That doesn’t mean you can stand out as a needle in a haystack in the Fiverr marketplace itself.

No one who becomes successful does it by offering something superfluous. If they do it is by chance and that isn’t an effective way to run a business. @visualstudios is being realistic. It isn’t helpful to pretend that sales are likely if you do x y and z because none of that changes the impact of supply and demand.


I’ll give you a tip for free*:-*

If you click on your face icon at the top of the page, & open up your profile, then click on preferences, & then “Profile” again on the list you can then link to your fiver selling profile.

That’s how I found Naeems seller profile, so if someone likes something you say on here then it makes it that bit easier for them to see what gigs you offer. :+1:


I just try it…its cool.

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Hopefully by continuing to do a good job “supply” & building relationships which bring him repeat business “demand” he may, if he chooses, develop into a seller with a sales history like yourself or @visualstudios :crossed_fingers:

I think it’s always helpful for people to see evidence that if they present their “best self”, then they’re in a far stronger position to win, that goes for all aspects of life. Call it making your own luck, if you will…

There are still dinosaurs :sauropod: like me out there who are motivated to buy into “people/quality/service etc.” & my first impression of how someone conducts themselves is a big part of that.
It’s part of me " being a human " & after all “human is social” as your ID & tagline says.


your like a basic form …I am more like an advance form. … your gig look nice though.

It doesn’t matter if a needle in a haystack is the greatest, coolest needle there is. It’s still a needle in a haystack: impossible to find and no one is looking. It isn’t helpful to pretend that being talented and providing great service changes that. It doesn’t.

If people want to sell things they should research their competition first and then create something that has low competition and high demand instead of trying to be a fantastic needle in a haystack.


I just looked at your gig and saw a really great review, congratulations! I’m sure your orders are going to start coming in very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @visualstudios

Thank you so much for your advice, I respect it, now I am considering to edit my gig to offer some extra service for stand out.


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@sagehaventarot Thank you for your wishes

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Hi @nkprostudio,
Try to Improve Your GIG and Rank on Fiverr You will Get Your Order.
Thank You

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