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For newcomers to order

Those who have old accounts on Fiverr, What will be the problem in getting orders for new ones in the old account? It would be very good to give a little suggestion.
Advanced THANK YOU :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


If you mean, is it more difficult to start getting orders if one has an older account compared to a new account, the answer is no.

For example, I created my account in 2018 but didn’t actually do anything with it and start selling until 2020. I don’t think my account’s age has played any part in the success or lack of success I’ve had so far.


That means, gig is the main thing that effects, right? Account’s age will not impact on getting orders !


Account age is irrelevant.

Having great gigs in non-saturated categories is the best way to stack things favorably in potentially getting orders.

The difficulty is in creating a great gig and delivering what one promises to deliver.


Really, Thanks a lot for that informative solution.

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