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For open a new account

My account was opened in octobor 2018. Since then i have no order. SO, I want to delete this account then want to open a new account. I want to know that is there will be any problem to create the new account on same pc and the same network( IP)?


This isn’t going to help you get sales.

If you didn’t get a single order, there is something wrong with your business and practices. Until you fix that fundamental problem, you won’t get orders, even with a new account.


I think no , it won’t be a problem. I did same thing. ( i am not sure )

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you don’t need to delete and remake it. just improve your current one


Why you delete your account. Its your wrong thinking, Old account are dont grab on a work. You just create 3-4 gig. Need to SEO your gigs, send buyer request as like as possible, Improve your whole account details like a title, description, tag`s, cartoon art photo, professional bio etc…Then Hopefully you will got order…