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For payment betterment

I want when we deal with a customer from long-time for a variety of projects, then there should be some limit for the non-deduction of fiver fees. Otherwise, fiver deducts 20% of fees and if we work on the low budget then what will be the earning for us after deduction.

Moreover, other freelancing ids like up work never deduct the fees after completion of the project with the same client more than one in time. So, it should be on Fiverr.

PLease implement this rule and give suggestion on it!

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Why would they do that?

What you are suggestion is this:

  1. Client order $5 gig. Fiverr takes 20% and you get $4
  2. Same client orders $300 and fiverr doesn’t take anything then.

So basically people would do that all the time then…



Please Clarify your second point because Fiverr takes 20% fees in any order.

You said that

I said this

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Got It… That’s why am saying fiverr need to find any solution same as other freelancing websites

Fiverr takes it also from buyers when placing an order. The buyer could be treated better regarding deduction if ordering again

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Yes So i think fiverr need to thing about it.

I disagree with you. Let them take 20% of every single order.
Your suggestion can be easily manipulated (by both buyers and sellers) and might lead to Fiverr shutting down.