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For privacy reason this seller may not be contacted directly? WTC!

That’s kinda concerning! Can somebody explain this to me. I was in talks with him and then I try to responded to a message and get this message!

I see. So I need to be aware of that. I almost reported somebody today, concerned that they were trying to get my login info to google play. BUT, then I thought… "the screen these people"


That user was probably banned, I’ve had this a couple of times with users trying to scam me (for some reason i did get the email from Fiverr with the message, but couldn’t open in on Fiverr)

Yes, you need to be very aware here! There are automated systems (usually the wrong ones), but most of the ‘screening’ happens after the damage is done.

Be extremely cautious about sharing any information with any users here. And please do report anything that violates the Terms of Service or is illegal. Good luck to you.

Usually it means the user got banned, be careful!

Yes, don’t worry. Fiverr banned the user. If anyone ever messages you asking you to sign up for something or asking for money or something, then it’s a scam. You can tell pretty easily if someone is trying to scam you. Thankfully, Fiverr is very good about protecting you from these users as much as possible. But you still need to always be cautious.

Thanks to all of you for your input.