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For Privacy Reasons This User May Not Be Contacted Directly

I got this message from a guy that was interested in my gig, but I tried to respond back to him and kept getting this message; For Privacy Reasons This User May Not Be Contacted Directly…Is there a way to get in touch with this person?

If you got that message, it means that the guy broke Fiverr rules. You can’t contact him unless he actually places the order (then you’ll be able to communicate on the order page).

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Inquiring about a gig before purchasing it breaks rules? Could you please elaborate?

Reply to @kjblynx:

Thank you for the clarification!

I just got one of those today in my in box. They start it out by saying…“I see you are a seller here on Fiverr…” Wow! Really? I am a seller here? How did you know! LOL :-)) I go to click on the message thinking it will be more spam asking me to buy their FB like or whatever Gig and I got that message as well. So, perhaps they broke some cardinal rule here or are one of those desperate souls trying to get unsuspecting Fiverr sellers to click on a link so they can steal their account by redirecting the page to another where you have to “sign in” to Fiverr again… only thing is, you are giving them full access to your account, not signing into Fiverr… but I digress… most likely, they were trying to do something nefarious or were trying to take you off site for evil purposes! Be GLAD you cannot see or reply to their message!