For Privacy Reasons This User May Not Be Contacted Directly



I tried delivery this service

but i can not I delivery service

And show me the message this topic

" For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly. "

I have finished the service

And it must be delivered before 1 day

Notice1: The same problem happened to me previously

Notice2: Must for fiverr Delete Feature delete account For members

i lost the amount 50$


The buyer’s account has been deleted for one reason or another. You’ll have to contact Customer Support to help remove the order.

*Edit. The same responses you received the last time you posted this question also apply here. As the buyer is no longer apart of Fiverr, you will not be able to take their money for the order.


Yes I know that But it is better Changing laws in fivver Do not allow members to delete their account


No it’s not always that Fiverr has deleted the specified account

it can also be due to some other reasons. I experienced it before but resolved later


Reply to @sticoeur: If Fiverr has deleted the account because the Buyer has done something illegal, that protects you in the long run. For example, the Buyer may have stolen a credit card and used it to purchase your Gig. Fiverr would then delete the account and try to send the money back to the proper owner.

If the Buyer deleted their own account and initiated a charge-back with their account holder, then the Buyer will not be able to create an account again until they pay what they owe. Does this happen? Probably not very often.

This is just a risk of doing business. Working online just makes it easier for people to try and get their money back.