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For sellers who have never ordered on fiverr


If you have never ordered a service on Fiverr, then you probably don’t know that Fiverr sends a survey to your buyers after the project is marked as complete. One more reason to always give your sellers the best experience.


Yes thanks for sharing this. That is why we always must try our best and provide services we are really good at!

Maria S.


Yes that is it


What do they mean by “did you use this delivery?” In my case they don’t really use what I send them. It’s not something they use.


I get that question a lot whenever I purchase gigs on Fiverr…Let’s say you purchased a t-shirt design from a particular seller, Fiverr wants to know if you ended up using that design…Its just a way to see if you were happy with your purchase or not…


I mean, couldn’t it also be used to say that your buyers “used” the knowledge they gained from your readings to improve their lives or whatever may be the case? :smile:


This is very useful information to know! Thanks a lot!


Very useful information I agree with you. Thanks!


I don’t give readings.


My bad. :cry: :slight_smile:


I’d say in your case some customers might interpret that question so that they’ll tick “yes” if they think whatever they bought already happened, or no if not, and some will tick “yes” more like “she did her job”.
I don’t think it’s really important anyway, as lots of buyers of more “tangible” services here will tick “no/not yet” anyway, most buyers complete and review right after you deliver, so how many of them will already have used the delivery by when they answer that question? They need to upload the bought text, logo somewhere, add the VO to their video, etc., etc., actually “do” something, so I suspect the majority will answer that question with “Not yet”. Fiverr must be aware of that. So, I’d not worry about that specific question really.
From all logic, I’d say the only people who’d tick “no” are those who were very disappointed with the gig they bought and don’t even plan to use it/don’t think it will ever “happen”.