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For Sellers who Have New Gigs/No Sales Yet but Don't See Gigs

If you have never sold a gig at all but you have created some, don’t worry if you click your profile and do not see your gigs. There appears to be a temporary problem on Fiverr that may prevent unsold gigs from showing up on your profile. I am sure Fiverr will fix it, so don’t panic. Customer Support is aware of it so flooding them with tickets will only slow the process down. Just give it some time and it will be fine later. :slight_smile:


OK! I was among those who wondered ‘what happened to all my gigs’ :-/

Surprising the gigs reappear when I view my profile logged out.

It’s not just the unsold gigs, I don’t see any gigs on my profile page except for the bestseller package.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I hope they resolve it soon.

Reply to @catwriter: You are welcome! I tried logging out and back in as @ghemachandar mentioned and for me it didn’t work but you might try it. I think everyone is having a problem but I was concerned brand new sellers were most likely to be worried. I didn’t want anyone new to think they messed up so I only mentioned the blank profile to keep my top post simple. Thanks for chiming in! Hopefully it won’t be long.

Hm, interesting. Nothing’s happened to my gigs thankfully.

Reply to @fonthaunt: My gigs are back on my profile, now it’s the “Recent Delivery” that’s incorrect.

Life is never boring with Fiverr. :smiley:

As far as I know this issue is fixed. It happened in the wee hours in my time zone so hopefully not many people saw it. I just worried that new people would keep creating the same gig or get nervous when they couldn’t see their gigs. Glad it’s over!