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For SENIORS in "Graphic Design"

Hello seniors, i’m here to share with all of you my gigs, check it and tell me some advice for getting other orders.

Wish to help me by advices that can i use to get clients

Thank you

Got any drawing skills? It might help.

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Ok i will … Thanks for your advice broo :slight_smile:

Why do you assume you need an advice from a “senior”? This is an issue of the market. The quality of your work isn’t your issue.

As I’ve written many, many times to similar questions in this forum, there are literally dozens of thousands of people selling logos on Fiverr. There are more people selling logos than buying them. This is going to make it very, very hard to get sales.

Don’t think that your gig itself is what determines sales. It’s the MARKET that determines sales. Never create a gig without researching your competition first.

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