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**For some reason**

For some reason.

Dear buyers. I as a seller don’t have an obligation to babysit projects that were completed 4 years ago. Neither does fiverr. Which is probably the reason why you no longer can download 4-year-old attachments from the order’s page.

I also don’t have an obligation to let 4-year-old source files eat away at my disk space. It was 2017. You and I, dear buyer, were different people back then. The world was a different place.

Don’t go all casual into my inbox acting like we worked together more than once and the last project was completed yesterday. It’s your responsibility to manage the files you paid for properly. That includes downloading them in a timely fashion, storing them, and backing them up.


Haha, wow! At least they haven’t asked for a revision.


Not yet (fingers crossed).

I had someone placing an order to update the design I’ve made for them in 2016 recently. No “Hi, do you still have the source files for this?”, no “Do you remember me?”. Just “remove this, add this, change that”.

I can make a source file out of a .JPG if I have to but no one ever asks if I want to.


Ha. Just today at the morning got almost the same message. The only difference that it is just 1year old order.

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And you know dang well that if you go: “The files should’ve been downloaded 12 months ago. I can’t help you, sorry” they’ll go to CS real quick to complain how their money was stolen and how they’ve never gotten the files. :slight_smile:

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I downloaded vector files (ai, eps, pdf, svg, cdr) from order page and reuploaded them in chat and istead of “Thank you” I got “I can’t open files on my iphone and also on my Samsung S21” :woman_facepalming:


Hahah that is super weird. Maybe block them?

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I just opened the order’s page, downloaded the file and and sent it via inbox telling the person that they probably couldn’t download it because 4 years have passed. They said, and I quote, “yessss, thank you so much”.

I have a theory that fiverr doesn’t like us sellers blocking buyers. So I’ll probably leave things as they are. I’m happy they are still using the design, I guess.


I dump my files when they are between 2 and 4 weeks old.


Wow. And I don’t even have files from 2 week ago. :sweat_smile: I used to hoard everything on my pc 10tb and disks gotten full really fast. Sorting and headache that comes with that much files are agonizing. Since then I have learned to create scheduled task to delete certain old files from chosen folders in windows.


Oh no, I sit on my files for at least a year. Which turned out to be a good practice. All the event promos I got commissioned last year got rescheduled due to covid, all the buyers came back to change the dates, locations, lineups, etc.

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With voice overs, I keep copies. With HD and 4K videos, raw footage takes up a whole lot of space so I keep the finalized video delivery but have to delete the raw shoots and editing suite project files after a couple of weeks.


Ladies…be careful.

Could be something more to this.

Report to Fiverr CS if it gets creepy on you.

Be safe.

That’s smart. I get rid of all the raster designs as soon as I can. They weigh a ton, don’t belong in my portfolio and hold zero artistic value to me.

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… It happened to me as well however a bit different… someone complained about the automatic completion of the order, after I checked the order he was talking about I saw that it was completed in 2015… ( this happened 3 months ago ) :smiley: strange people on Fiverr lately…


Huh. You win. :slight_smile:

My personal record is 2016. The person placed an order, referenced a project, told me they wanted some new products added. I had to redo it from scratch.


Irresponsible buyer. He should maintain his own files.

I usually have files backed up onto an external drive. I will dump the files on my computer every week or so, as my laptop has 1/4 the store of my external drive. I actually had a client from 2 years come back and ask for changes on her graphics last month. Fortunately, I found the source file on my backup drive. But good point… should we charge them a storage fee or charge them full price to re-create? I don’t really have any rules in place for this issue as I don’t normally do graphic design work.

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*Laughs in 1 TB D: drive*

They don’t like us blocking buyers? Tough. I’ve blocked about ten so far.