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**For some reason**

It’s just a theory of mine because I’ve noticed a sharp drop in sales after blocking people. Especially after blocking 2 people the same day. Could be a coincidence, could be not. I don’t think throwing spammers into trash does anything but hard “block user” from the app seems to do something.

What the hell ??? He came to try to download his order 4 years later ? :rofl:
I’ve got someone who wanted video changes after 2 months, but 4 years, like… what

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Well, she had the file. Then she lost it. Then came back to the place where she first got it. I could be dead by this point for all she knows, yet here we are. :slight_smile:

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Although I’m not obligated to keep and store my projects completed 4+ years ago, I do keep a copy of project files on a backup disk. I once got asked to update a 7-year old animation, luckily I still had the project files so the project was easy money.

But yeah, the buyer is acting rather obnoxious in this case.