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For spokesperson sellers: any tips on word count?

Hi, for any seller who does video testimonials/reviews on Fiverr, how lenient are you on the word count? I offer 70 words max per $5 on my solot testimonial gig. Sometimes, I have buyers who will go over, having probably not checked their word count through MS Word or some similar word count program. Do you offer have some sort of “grace” word count for this (ex. word count +10 over limit okay)? How do you handle buyers who go over your count without compensating (do you offer a mutual cancellation? Contact buyer first?)?

Do you flip a table?

I would send them a polite message stating the problem and see if you can settle it without any hassle. If they throw a fuss you could contact CS to get a forced cancellation I guess.

With my voiceover gigs it usually evens out. Sometimes people give me a bunch of extra words… other people will totally overpay just because they’re awesome. I’m working on a project right now that’s about 30 words over… and I was just thinking about how nice we all are to give our clients so much :wink:

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