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For the last 1 month no new messages no orders

I was doing ok before getting tos violation warning last month . I got messages every day. Conversation was good order ratio was ok.
Then suddenly i got tos warning everything changed. Fiverr also removed two of my gigs because of title problem.

I clearly understand it is happening because of TOS warnings. I contacted FS they said nothing to worry. (15 days ago) but still no luck. …

My question is will this get back to normal again like the way i started??? Or It’s the end for me?

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Most statistics that affect your account stick around for 60 days.

I do not see any gigs on your profile. Are they all paused?

As @vickiespencer has said, there are no gigs showing for you in search. I’ve just checked as well. You will therefore be invisible to everyone on Fiverr, except those you’ve messaged previously or had orders from. Basically, no one can see you.

Are you sure your account isn’t under review, which would also remove all your gigs from search? Why don’t you try creating a new gig (ensuring that it complies with Fiverr’s terms of service)?

Hi , thanks for the reply . I have deleted all gigs . And created again .

Why? Now none of your gigs will have any ratings? Plus, all of your old reviews will still show on your profile, but there will not be any gigs to match them too? That will be confusing for buyers when they view your profile and gigs.

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