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For the little brain cells


If somebody took you the rubber rope in the middle and you hold it in both ends of it how do you take it only for yourself?


Tie up the person holding the rope, take them home with it and imprison them later in the dungeon?


The answer is more simple with less work. :slight_smile:


Cut the rope or twist it to give the middle person a Chinese burn? - Then take them home to the dungeon…


More simple, and in that way you cannot have the whole rope.


Headbutt the person in the middle?

Or just walk away and wait for them to let go?


No, less bloody and with less time.


Pull the rope to release the other person’s grip?


You are close. Remember do not use force first.


Let go of the rope to release the other person’s grip?


What? You mean the whole rope?

  1. Ask them nicely
  2. Pull pack one end and let it snap back and hit their hands causing them to let go, then pull the other end.


Wait for several years until the rubber stretches and perishes?


Oh, guys, you are so funny.
But eoinfinnegan was the closest one


I’d wait until the person holding the middle, hand get slippery wet with sweat and fall off.
Then it’s all mine!


I would just make him laugh to distract and pull the one end of the rope while the other end I would leave. You were the closest one.