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For the love of god, stop flagging my messages

Fiverr. Every time I inform a client that I am not allowed to communicate with them outside of your platform, my message is flagged and blocked.

If I was going to break your TOS, I would probably be smarter about it than saying, “Hey, let’s communicate on an outside platform and violate my agreement with fiverr.”

Anyone have a version of this message that doesn’t get flagged?

Whats worse: I don’t get notified that my message was blocked, and end up leaving a potential buyer hanging.

Why? Why you do dis?


Also, how did the potential buyer’s message NOT get flagged. It contained these exact words:

“Are you able to chat via phone or WhatsApp please?”

Killin’ me.

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You can use the fiverr application.
You can see it in playstore.

If you are working outside the platfrom fiverr.

Fiverr does not get anything from what you do,

This is a mutually beneficial partnership between you and fiverr

“Outside of Fiverr” seems to be the triggering phrase. Try stating that all the communication and information exchange must go through Fiverr.


Excellent! Thank you.

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2 weeks ago I got flagged for asking a customer “how is your day today?”