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For the pastone month no order

Hello successful people here
I Don’t understand again, No order for the past 3 weeks to 1 month, The thing is i always stay online and I do send offer including promotion and i heard that doing all those this will bring more buyers and order, Please i don’t have order ways than fiverr please give me tips. help me check my gig profile maybe there is an error.

Thanks :blush:


Hello, if you dont mind, can you share your profile link so we can see and help you? One thing I do have to say though is, it does take time to get an order even if you are doing everything right, especially if your work is in a popular field. It took me 2 months to get an order and from there they skyrocketed. So just take your time and be patient!

It looks good to me. I see you are a pretty recent seller (March 2021) so it might take some time to pickup. Otherwise, it looks pretty professional to me.