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If no one has purchased your gig, like myself comment the link below. I want to recognize who the community should be helping, and it will drive some traffic to your gig!

plz promote My Gig…

@judgevaus - I think you’re offering a wonderful service! Orders should pick up for you. Have you advertised it on social media? You might consider making a few small modifications. With the keyword tags, I would reconsider a few of the tags chosen. Think about short story, fiction, creative writing, character, ghost writing, scripts, novel, childrens writing, suspense, horror, romance, and sci fi. I think you should make the description a little longer. I was wondering, what rights are you offering? Do you have any limits? Any topic you just won’t touch? Or, are you willing to write about anything? Any favorite subjects? You could consider making an extra short story gig with a more narrow focus, just to test how it performs. It might help to use a graphic specifically related to your gig, or even a video. Also, consider whether the up to 1000 words within a day delivery could be too overwhelming if you get a few orders. Good luck to you, I think you’ll really like Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I have collected your GIG and FB LIKE …

here’s my gig

It will be very helpful for me to get lots of collected gig & FB LIKE and as much share i can get to rising up my rating and get a customers…



Here’s my gig

Collected and here’s mine:

Thank you!

Reply to @kardamom: thanks! Collected yours also!

Reply to @phronyy: collected yours also. Thanks!

Reply to @dins_cool: I collected yours! Thanks.

Reply to @qtania: collected yours thanks!

collected here’s one of mine

Collected :slight_smile:

here is one of mine that has 0 sells

Reply to @alilili: collected yours. Thanks!

Hello, I am very new here and my gigs just went up a few days ago. I am just learning the ropes. My gig involves shipping. I hope it is still okay to post here. I went through and collected everyone’s gigs and am on my way to lie, too. Thank you for the post. :slight_smile:

My gig:

I collected yours. Good luck.

Here’s mine :slight_smile: I can use all the help that I can get