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For the product reviews.. How do you "guesstimate" delivery and shipment of physical items?


I’ve got no one to ask on this one, so here I am :slight_smile: For the sellers here who reviews products regularly…how do you factor in shipment and delivery times for some of the products that are NOT digital in nature of retrieval (digital items would be kindle books, android and ios apps, downloadable games, etc.) Like, if something you have to buy it can take a few days to get it (excluding Sundays) I ask because I shop regularly on ebay and amazon and delivery times can always vary…(Christmas and periods of inclement weather can slow transit time down I understand.) I know it is not possible to promise a verified review to someone in 3 days if the product arrives 4 days later…There’s probably something I am missing here so maybe someone can enlighten me :slight_smile: How do you handle this issue?

I bring this up because I was recently contacted by a company owner with a new product that came out, and would I be willing to provide a verifiable review? (It is a legit product, not a scam-I saw the link earlier.) The owner may be agreeable to reimburse the purchase price (looked like free shipping in this case) but I am thinking about transit time here. So that got me thinking today. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!