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For the sellers with perpetual grammatical errors and few sales


I’ve been on Fiverr for quite a while, and almost all my advice has come down to one thing. Make sure your gig description reads well. Now, with a lot of other sections on Fiverr, I admit, it’s fine to have grammatical errors and not perfect English because obviously that’s not your area of expertise. As long as you come across as professional, it’s truly not a big deal.

However, if you are in the ‘Writing and Translation’ section, it’s VITAL to have advanced language and come across as a perfect speaker of the language. It irks me when I come across sellers who claim they can write a brilliant novel but can’t even construct a simple sentence through messages. I personally specialize in writing creative, as well as professional content for clients, and I always make sure every single message reads professionally and grammatically correct. It creates trust between a buyer and seller that the seller can deliver content as well written as their responses. You wouldn’t write a poorly written resume and expect an employer to look past it and hire you for a writing job anyways, right?

So, here’s my advice if your having trouble getting orders and your in this section! (This is urged to be applied in all sections but mostly writing/translation)

  • Comb through every word in your gig and make sure the spelling, grammar and sentence structure is correct. When a buyer spots mistakes, it instantly creates suspicion as to if your work reflects those mistakes. It also just comes across as less professional.

  • Every response you give a customer should be phrased in the same manner as above (check spelling, grammar, etc.). Never use acronyms, spell everything out! I always give my responses a once over to make sure I made no mistakes (you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this!)

  • Although a lot of people on Fiverr aren’t fluent in English, if your offering English writing services, unfortunately you HAVE to be pretty fluent (unless you state otherwise). It’s impossible to receive an order if someone asking for English services sees that your English isn’t good. But It’s not the end of the world! There are plenty of other services you can offer if your stuck in this situation! :slight_smile:

Anyways, these are just a few pointers I’ve seen help myself, as well as a few others, so I thought I’d share. Again, this doesn’t apply to all sections, but it would help anyone’s gig out if their trying to appear professional. I’m excited to hear what others think about this and if anyone has any other tips!


This is also a pet peeve of mine. I found a gig the other day that offered to do any kind of “writting” and it was spelled that way several times throughout the gig, along with plenty of other errors.

I take writing really seriously. I got my degree in writing. I write for fun in my free time. I’m involved in several writing communities, both online and in real life. I take writing really seriously. I love it more than anything else. When I see people who don’t take it seriously, that bothers me.
Just sell something you actually are good at, you know?

Leave the writing gigs for those us who actually give a hoot about writing.


I totally agree, especially in regards to translation. A lot of people think that knowing two languages is enough qualification to translate, but if you don’t know both languages to the point of fluency then it’s a really bad idea to offer translation services in either of them.


Totally agree! Some of us have been writing for years, there’s already enough competition for us!


Agreed, I’ve actually come across a few people who use google translate…safe to say Fiverr has probably removed their gigs by now… but really… why?


It happens to everyone…
Totally agree.


Thank you for sharing this. Some really good tips.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


They are unaware that how they write is not correct or acceptable. They have no way of knowing.


Yes, I’m sure that’s true for some cases, otherwise they wouldn’t have made a gig I suppose. Hopefully more people reach out to these sellers and kindly advise them to improve or change their gig so they can start getting some sales.


I’ve tried that but without any success in getting through.


Unfortunate when people ignore people only trying to help. I guess it is their choice though, and they’ll realize it on their own soon enough.