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For those experiening success with Fiverr 3.0... Can you offer some tips to the rest of us?


I’m not exactly sure what changed in Fiverr 3.0 that caused sales and traffic to drop off for many sellers, but I’m sure someone has to benefiting from the new system and website design.

Is there anyone experiencing success under the system that can offer some tips or best practices to the rest of us?

Your help is greatly appreciated.




I’m not sure there is a secret formula anymore. As sellers we used to know to do A+B+C to get X+Y+Z result. Now, it seems to me, we are at the mercy of some algorithm that shoves folks to the back of the line when it thinks they’ve had “enough”.

When 3.0 came out, My sales actually increased. I didn’t do anything special, but I was averaging 3 gigs per-day, which I thought was pretty good. Things were looking positive. However, for the past week I have received 0 orders. That’s right 0 orders. I haven’t changed my gigs, my buyers still rate me 5.0 (Except that one guy who says “Absolutely PERFECT!” then gave me a 4.5?, We all get those, I guess )

Looking at the stats, folks have just stopped buying from me.

I’ve included some screen caps below:

On the “Sales Analytics” screen, I’m watching as every day or so more and more of my “Impressions” switch from green up arrows to red down arrows. Last month, I had days where I was putting in overtime just to keep up with the load on some days. (And every arrow on the screen was a green up arrow.) How does that instantly stop and reverse?

I’m starting to attribute this to the fact that even though buyers claim to want quality, QUANTITY still reigns supreme. I’ve watched many lesser quality gigs in my category (voiceover) steam ahead of me this month and have better exposure and full queues simply because they offer more words but have, frankly, amateurs in training doing the work. Then we hear all the complaints about sub-par work here on the forum. It’s the Wal-Mart syndrome. "I want the moon and the stars and and I want it all now and I’m only paying you $5."

I’m starting to think If I replaced my ~$10,000 of studio gear and professional studio and booth for a laptop with a $50 USB mic and offered 200 words for 5 dollars of me speaking in my regional-accent in my living room I’d get 2 things: More orders, and more complaints. I’ve concluded it’s not worth my reputation.

Very, very few folks understand quality vs. quantity and that you get what you pay for.

When they get sub-par work, from a sub-par seller, they also tend to blame Fiverr, which I’m starting to believe may be indirectly deserved.


Wow! Thanks for that feedback. Although it’s not very encouraging data, it does help to see the actual numbers.

I also am struggling to figure out the quality/price balance. I often feel like I’m offering way too much for too little… especially considering what I see other sellers offering for the same price.

I will raise my prices in the next few days and I’m curious to see if buyers are willing to reward quality or if it’s all about who is the cheapest provider.




I joined few days ago and got 2 sales.


Some sellers are going through a period of recession on Fiverr… because Fiverr 3.0 changed the way the Search Results are displayed …

I tried all the suggestions I got from Customer Support… i stil have the same problem…

You can check your ranking position… and compare with a previous result…



Ok, now I’m learning something new.

What do you mean by

cybergatis said: You can check your ranking position

What screen is that found on?

Do you mean just counting where you are in the search listing? I thought changed somewhat every load?

liquidlettuce said: Do you mean just counting where you are in the search listing

yes, I was referring to the gig position in search listing.. there are sellers reporting that their gigs inexplicably disappeared from search results.. ..they are hard to be found... so maybe your rankings dropped


i think this might be of help… there is nothing wrong with the system, its just that fiverr now :smiley: focuses more on the buyers, that is the whole thing has been structured so that buyers can easily find what they want.

the buyers can use the number of delivery days to find you, the category and sub category as well.

if you are able to include the category of your gig in your description, the time delivery ans maybe your seller status then buyers might find it easier locating your gigs.

Another thing is to try and state the delivery time in your title as well.

cheers mate.


My Sales extremly dropped too ever since update :confused:


Thanks for this post. i haven’t notice that fiverr updated to 3.0 !! :open_mouth:

but recently i have received few order. Though it was actually so good in past week ( avg: 3 gigs ) . My ranking is same as past week .

But all gigs impression is now decreasing. Still don’t know, whats the reason…


Not that I am having success since the update, but many of the orders that I have gotten came by submitting to buyers’ requests or reaching out to past regulars that I haven’t heard from in a while. If you haven’t done those two things yet, give them a try!


I am freelancer since 4 years…I joined fiverr 6 months ago… Since last 2 months I am spending my lot of time to build my fiverr profile. Till now I made only 10 sales. I have more than 10 year experience in Photoshop and I start photography in 1992. You can imagine the quality I deliver.

My friend recommended me fiverr . According to them I will be earning enough earning in couple of months…But…

Will I be able to earn handsome amount through fiverr? HOW??


Good point @kjblynx… I was hoping to receive some helpful tips from this post as well, but I do understand the frustration that many sellers are experiencing with the new system.

Any other thoughts on ways to get more traffic to your gigs under the new system?