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For those who are tired of routine Erotic Stories Writer

I am a professional writer, study online at Wesleyan University (USA)
I am writing custom erotic stories and this GIG becomes popular)
For those, who come from the forum I have special offers)) Just write me “from forum”


very cool thing to be a writer,
they fill paper with the breathing of people heart

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Yees) True! Actually, people usually write me, that my stories have more influence on them…than films for adults))

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Very frustrating also if you don’t know what to write about


Glad to know


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Bad if the story is poorly written! I’m responsible for the quality of my work)

what kind of offers?

50% discount for Standard and Premium offers=)

sounds goooood

what will and won’t you write about?

also, how about a sample based of your basic gig, but not erotic and about two gerbils playing or something to appease TOS

if i’m correct, you can post PDFs as gig images, so said sample could then be used in your other writing gig, maybe? normally i would look at the gig itself, but with things liek this it’s a little harder, pun not intended

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You are right! I will post an example in writing gig, not erotic one, right now

As for the first question. There are almost no restrictions. I always say in advance if I’m not ready to write about something

Waiting for your order=)

I posted the last work from Wesleyan University=)