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There has been a mess in Fiverr Analytics lately and now a lot of people are less looking at the analytical part of their gig. But it’s worth checking it out every day. Because it’s the best way to determine your future as well as your gig.

I wanted to write this to remind those who are not watching and to let the newcomers know. First of all, let’s see what these impressions, clicks, views, orders, cancellations are.

impression -

This refers to the number of times your gig has been displayed on fiverr thumbnails. In short, when a buyer searches for the service they want in the search bar, if your gig is there, 1 will be added to the impressions. The gig is displayed on the homepage, category or subcategory page, or as I said earlier on the search page.

Clicks -

As mentioned earlier, when a buyer looks at the thumbnail of your gig, the impression increases and if he clicks on your gig, you get 1 click. That means you need to understand now. You will not receive orders due to the impressions of a gig. You need to have the gig content as well as the thumbnail in a way that the buyer likes to click. So it depends on your creativity.

Views -

Unfortunately, due to that previous update, fiverr has not been able to create the previous views section. However, views are the total number of times a buyer has visited your page.

I think everyone knows what orders and cancellations are. That is common sense.

So go to your gigs tab once a day and get used to seeing these. If the number of impressions and clicks decreases, it is because of something wrong, either in the content, or in the bad review, ( About the Bad Review you - If there is nothing wrong with your hand. You can Contact Fiverr Team for Help ) or in the gig picture, the attraction is not enough. Those things can be fixed quickly if you are on alert. So good luck to everyone who does Fiverr

If you know something like this, mention it in a reply. It will also help others. And mention my mistakes. I like correcting mistakes a lot


Can i know, if i make changes to my gig description or edit the gig it may cause to reduce my impression or is it a myth ?

Not a good advice.

If a Seller wants to, they can update the Gigs any time, and as much times they want, e.g., update their thumbnail to a better looking one, updating services you offer, faqs section, etc.

You do not know Fiverr’s algorithm, so this advice is pointless.

I update my own Gigs frequently, and I get plenty of orders after that. It may be because the category and provided services are fresh, so it is easier to be spotted on the page. If you test it out yourself, you would see that your impressions will most of the time go up the next day, or so.

Have you got any proof that gives your Gig negative status after updating the Gig? Please let me know.

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Yeah, don’t listen to this guy. If you want to make changes, make changes, it’s good to keeping improving and experimenting to find your winning formula.

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