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(For translators) What is your rate?

Hey everyone! Translators out there, what is your rate? I know that most of us charge more offline, but this is Fiverr. And I think Fiverr is a great way to expand your resume while getting paid.

So, How do you set your rates here? If you set them really low, then you’ll look suspicious. And you can’t set them as high as your usual offline rates since this will sound expensive to Fiverr audience (yes, Fiverr is so competitive).

So, what do you have to say? Thank you everyone!

My fee is $5/500 words which is low for what I can get offline in my county, and since I’m not willing to go lower I barely get any orders for translation. People ask, and I never hear from them again when I tell them the price. I guess if there were no other gigs I could sell, I’d have to lower the price, but I hope that day never comes.