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For view, click and impression

i have been doing marketing all the tine , but i do not understand that view, click and impression are just decreasing.

have any solution … please suggest me


Marketing won’t affect your impressions and clicks.

If your views are decreasing, then your marketing may not be working. You should evaluate your strategy.


Hello, these go up and down all the time so if they are decreasing now in the future they will probably go up again. @ahmwritingco also had a good suggestion.


Thanks. I have edited my post a little, though, because you’re right. These stats can fluctuate, and as you said, it’s completely normal. A big response to the ups and downs isn’t always necessary.

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where you marketing your gig?

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You can also try creating new gigs if you’ve not exhausted your slots. My impressions and clicks were going down, two things I did was create a new gig and promoted my gigs


thanks for your valuable opinion…

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thanks…i think also

You need to learn more about marketing. Posting your gig repeatedly on social media is not marketing if that’s what you mean.


Wow! Can you offer some tips on gig marketing please?