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For Voicemail and IVR Do Buyer Need to Purchase Commercial Rights?

Hi voice over artist! So I noticed half of vo artist would require commercial rights purchase for voicemail and IVR and the other half says it’s not necessary because it is covered under the basic rights. I am very confused as to what is the right way to approach commercial rights within the VM and IVR context. I would really appreciate any insight into this. I want to be fair to my customers and if commercial rights are not necessary for VM/IVR I wouldn’t feel right to ask them to pay for it. I hope I can get more of a definite answer to this question since it seems that the answer is all over the board. Thanks guy in advance for taking the time out to reply to my post.


Similar question to this one? Voiceover Commercial Rights

Please see 2nd post on that thread, lots of links discussing similar cases.

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