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For web designers to start work, sharing email IDs is necessary

This topic/rant has probably been raised before but I’d like to bring it up again:

I offer web design gigs where I design new websites or re-design existing webpages for clients using Squarespace and Wix. In these situations, both the client and I have accounts with these web SaaS companies. Given that, how else can clients give me admin privileges or add me as a contributor to a site without knowing my email ID?

It feels like the Fiverr Terms of Service is flawed on this front. Sellers like me - whose service is web content-centric and through a secure SaaS portal - we cannot accept an order request without sharing an email ID to initiate the work. I know this and clients know this all too well.

And being content-centric, I also need to coordinate shared Google Drive folders for my clients to enable easy access to all necessary site files (text, images, videos) that need to be published. How do I set this up without sharing email IDs? It is not possible, and here again the Terms of Service impede my ability to get work done and hence impede my ability to get paid for good professional work.

Fiverr admins and community, please advise.

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Hi chiragmahajan,
As a client, I am experiencing the same dilemma and we cannot get anything done without inviting collaborators to sites and G. Drive documents. Have you had any response from Fiverr regarding your query?
Thank you

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Its been on/off for me. Sometimes a client message will be blocked if they share an email, sometimes not. The TOS is very flawed in this matter.

**** Practical Advice *****
Most of the services you probably need (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) allow for invites through URLs, which can be shared. This is what I use

**** Personal thoughts ****

The truth of the matter is, Fiverr is hurting itself with this. They really have 2 options for this. Option one is to provide all the nessecary tools we developers/designers need to work. This would mean better chat functions, desktop notifications, better file sharing, voice/video chat functions, better project managment functions, actual collaboration functions so we can work together with other freelancers on the same project. If fiverr could do all this, I would be fine with the TOS policy.

But Fiverr is not like that, which is why I think they should go with option 2. That is, let the information flow free! Fiverr doesnt want to do this because people would go outside of Fiverr to do business, and they would lose money. But the truth is, if someone wants to go outside of Fiverr to do business, they are going to find a way.

But if Fiverr allowed the free exchange of information, all they would have to do to guarantee continued business would be to defend the sellers. If you go outside of Fiverr, there is no garuntee you get paid. No insurance if the client fails the payment. This should be Fiverr’s primary marketing point for sellers, is their protection in transactions.

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I will just tell you what i do :D, i contact cs as soon as i receive an order… ( if the buyer needs my email to give me admin privileges),
you can ask a way to share the email address, they once allowed me to share it by enclosing it in a doc file… But before sharing, contacting CS will be a better practice.

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