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For what reason have I been given a fiverr warning? Need Help

Hi Everyone,
Seeking the advice of experienced people, I do not know why I was warned, I do a massage because of which the fiber will warn me, yes I wish my clients today to marry Christmas in advance, is this a crime? I can’t send any greetings to my client? Please help me

Thank you


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Violations.

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: : Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

Here is the updated “warnings” link for the above topic: Fiverr Help and Education Center


If you did that with buyers you currently have ongoing orders with, there’s nothing wrong with that.
If you send messages to all your buyers from the past, some of them might rightfully see it as spam and report you.
Avoid contacting people, if you have no business to discuss, buyers should be the ones initiating conversations in most cases.

Also one of your reviews suggests that you’re breaking quite a few rules, so it might be a good idea to read the ToS again, since you already have one warning you now have to be very careful to avoid losing your account.


I think fiverr just wants to work with buyers, they don’t need a seller, they have to get a warning even if they greet someone, I think it’s a very bad rule, because I’ve worked with them, can’t I wish them a happy day? Is it wrong?

I have canceled some orders before, I have spoken in support to cancel the orders but they have not helped, the client has ordered without informing me about his work, and has not responded to my massage, I have been forced to speak in support but They just saw my performance as bad, they didn’t see my problems, Favre always supported Clean more. Talk about one more problem. I received an order for a $380, which I completed on time and in the right way, my client understood his work and did not inform me of any revision or problem, but after some time I saw that fiverr Support canceled the order and re-found the client… The client checked my work 24 hours a day because I shared Google sheet to him, but fiverr didn’t help me, Fiverr will only give auto replay but will not help. lol

Please split sentences a little so it is easier to read.

No, you are not allowed to send messages to the buyers that you do not have ongoing orders. They are not part of your life anymore, it is business. And how do you know they celebrate Christmas or act of changing calendar? Some people are not that particularly fascinated with changing the calendar on the wall and do not make a big deal out of it.

Fiverr support is usually on the right side, but you need to persistent, your case needs to be bulletproof and your communication needs to be effective.