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Hi guys!

I started to have the fever of fiverr like 1 month ago. My gig I will write an essay for you got very popular, i was fast and suddenly, in a week I went over booked.

I have a job and I couldn’t deliver ANYTHING on time.

Buyers where asking to read long chapters and write essays in a specific format.

Things went out of my hand when 2 buyers bought a gig and asked me to deliver in less than 6 hours!

Of course I told them it was impossible…I only accepted 3 more orders that week after receiving more than 20.

I realized I was writing 10 pages long essays with research and extra reading for only 5 USD. I got tired and now my gig is suspended! I still have 3 gigs up, though.

So guys, any advice, tips or similar experiences out there…how do you know what does your time, research and writing is really costs.

BTW sorry i cant add question marks, my keyboard is acting weird.

I think I have a similar experience with my gigs. My most popular gig is my novel proofreading, which is for 50k words for $5. My gig is priced that way to be competitive, and because of that sometimes I’ve been flooded with too many orders. (Be careful what you wish for, I guess).

And yet, even with that unbelievably low rate, I think some buyers take advantage of me. Some will ask if I can go over it again one more time - for the same order! Some ask for more than proofreading/light editing, even if it’s not stated in my gig description.

Sometimes I don’t know how to turn them down because I’m afraid they will pay back the rejection through a negative review. And I don’t want a negative review. At my current number, I’m a Level 2 seller with 100% positive reviews, and I’d like to keep it that way.

So for now, that gig of mine is suspended. I was advised to increase my rate, because my current one is way below market price, and that way, I will be less overbooked.

But I’m not sure. I mean, I did get my original orders because of my competitive pricing…

Be proactive and think ahead of time. :wink:

Meaning, say if I get 20 orders and it will take 1 day to complete each one than make your gig to be delivered in 20 days…

BTW: Always mention a fast article is not quality!

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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If you do not enjoy the amount of work then you know that you are writing too much and thus you need to increase your delivery timescales or reduce the amount of work that you offer.

Thank you guys, your comenta had been very useful!

Reply to @haestella: glad yo know im not the only one who is going thorough the situation hahaha

You need to have our customers send you an inbox message before ordering. There is no reason anyone should be doing that much work for $4.