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For your projects and term papers


…let me do your term papers and projects…you wont regret

All self-promotion belongs in the My Fiverr Gigs category. Thanks

Edit added this note: If “Heey” or “wont” appeared in a term paper you’d instantly lose marks. A huge part of your selling strategy should be to always represent yourself as a professional writer if that is what you’re offering to do. Just a thought.

Don’t get you

Is it legal to do someone else’s term papers?

Thank you for the advise…

Basic English comprehension is a necessity if you’re going to offer to write English speaking people’s papers and to get sales you need to display that you have it. You should also correct your bio.

Ok…teach me how to get jobs to do for people brother. I’m new here

Teach me more brother

Check out the “Tips for Sellers” threads. There is a lot of valuable information there.