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Forbidden file type

Tried to upload a video for my gig but got the message ‘forbidden file type’. i have never had this before and i uploaded the exactly same file type before, can anyone help me?


I’ve used mov and mp4 successfully for Fiverr gig vids.

First I tried mov and that said it was forbidden, then I converted it to mp4 and it worked.

I know this thread is over a year old but I just had the same issue except with a .docx file. I tried re-saving as a .doc file but get the same error.

I don’t understand. I have been sending this file type to my buyers everyday since I started on Fiverr. What’s going on that all of a sudden I can’t send work to my buyers?

Any thoughts? I ended up having to send the work through wetransfer instead.

it happens with zip files too

I received this message for first time with a mp4 file which had been my usual format of send videos. So I guess it’s just another malfunction of the fiverr upload system. When this happens we just can send our work by another service like dropbox

Constantly getting this message “Forbidden File Type”. Spent hours on it and now it doesn’t upload. i encoded it as per the guidelines. So disappointed! Did anyone find a solution?

Found the Solution! If you have done everything right as per the guidelines, your videos and other files should get uploaded easily but if they don’t, just simply use a different browser! I am using torch browser and it gave me issues in uploading videos. I tried an old trick and used firefox to do it this time and it worked the first time for me! So try using another browser or use different encoding or a different encoding tool for your files because another reason might be that your files may be corrupted.