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Forbidden to speak Arabic

my friend told me that it’s Forbidden to speak Arabic on fiverr !! is that true ? 'cause yesterday i had a customer from egypt and he spoke to me with arabic and i answered him with same language.

This is the first time I hear something like this, and it’s highly unlikely to be true.

Why would users be prompted to list the languages they can communicate in (Arabic is on the list) if they’re not allowed to communicate in these languages?

No, it’s not.

No language is forbidden. However, sharing contact info (email, phone etc) with buyer or contacting him/her out of fiverr is strictly forbidden.

Why would a language be forbidden?

I don’t think that’s true. Now, there were a series of posts on the forum in Arabic that were removed, but not because of the language. They were very long religious quotes posted in Tips with no mention of Fiverr at all. They just weren’t relevant and were treated as spam.

I like how you realized what the poster may have been referring to, nice deduction.


Of course it’s not forbidden to speak Arabic. Can we start up a low conspiracy theory about how Fiverr has banned Arabic because it is an Israeli company now? I will be the source, and let me tell you, diligent researcher: I’m lying.

مرحبا. هذا هو الحكم العربية العادية. لا شيء يدعو للقلق هنا، إلا إذا كنت العنصري.

You can speak any language you want

I don´t think so, dude.

Just a guess and maybe it wasn’t his friend! I recall them well because at least 3-4 showed up fast. I try not to remove non-English posts that are relevant, but sometimes I have no time to check.

I ran one of those through Google translate, saw the long scriptural post and removed them…

Means Allah Is Great . He is great . So dont worry