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Force buyer explain why it's not 5 stars so we can improve

If a buyer not rating 5 stars, he/she MUST explain why, if all 5 stars then no any explanation needed. For doing this we as a seller only know our problem and know how to improve our services.



I really don’t think they “MUST” do it. The buyers don’t have to review the delivery and when they do if they are satisfied with the service, they don’t have to leave 5* (some consider 4* a good enough review and there is nothing you can do about it).

Some people just don’t like to express themselves in writing and forcing them to elaborate will just make them to never review again (not to mention, it kind of looks like they’re pressured to leave 5* specifically which is not a good business practice).

The real life example: I was at a bar yesterday with a friend of mine (who is a very, VERY picky eater). We had burgers and beer, I thought the burger was good. My friend thought it was colder than he’d like it to be and too “wet” whatever that means so he didn’t finish it. He liked it in general, politely said he was done, asked for a check. Then the waiter came for the plate and interrogated my friend for literally minutes to get him to explain what was wrong with the food. We’re obviously never coming back.

That being said, I have a buyer who just left me 4* by mistake and the fact that both of us can’t do anything about it now just blows my mind.


Trying to force buyers into something like that would just make them leave, and search for some other platform where they’re not forced into something they don’t want to do.


You can’t force anybody for do or act like as you wanted.

It’s good to see that you have a good intention here. I understand that evaluating our performance as seller is definitely a must, but at least we should know buyer psychology and behaviour so we know how to improve our service even without the explanation from the buyer side.

Each buyer has different standard and different way to express his/her experience. There are some who like to explicitly express their experience, while the other like to express their experience implicitly and wanted you to brainstorm the idea through the rating they left, the whole conversation, the whole process, etc.

I’m afraid that it is seller who should be able to understand them at the first place.

In my opinion, unless the buyer himself/herself has the initiative to give explanation, you will likely get an incomplete and not-so-honest explanation, which mean that you couldn’t rely on that to improve yourself.

Think about this: does someone like to be forced for doing certain act that they don’t want to?

At least for me, an explicit explanation will only represent a small fraction of the whole buyer experience, thus the whole process shouldn’t be overlooked by forcing buyer providing explanation.

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I can see why the reason for a less than 5 star review would be useful to a seller - what could be improved etc. or even just ‘I pushed the wrong number on the app’.

Forcing buyers to do it might be a bit tricky though.