Forced Cancelation


First off… I’m not here to center anyone out. So I won’t mention names or the specific service.

Part way through a gig, I get a notice telling me the gig is canceled. Up until this point I was a very satisfied buyer, and saw no reason to cancel anything. So I inquired with the person doing the work, asking them to explain to me, why this was happening, and more to the point, who was forcing this on me. ( In my initial contact I stated that even though they offered a three day turn around… I’d be ok with it going beyond that ) I was not given and answer, only another request to cancel… to which I declined. Again seeking who and why this was happening. Finally I find out that it’s the seller (or at least it seemed that way… here’s the message I got… you tell me…

“I don’t have time to be going back and forth with you this much. Please agree to cancel. Thank you”)

who’s canceling. That was their response to me asking the same question… who & why??

Unfortunately for this person, I was unable to give them any props for communication, or recommending in the future. I did however give top marks for the gig being done as described. They did do a good job.

Our future needs are going to be design related, and I certainly don’t want someone rushing against some metric-centric clock. If my requests are going to take 10 days… I’ll order 20 days before I need the gig completed.

So my question is this… seeings how we’re going to be having ongoing gigs (not for the same type service) are sellers forced to finish in a certain time.??

Is there anyway, I as a buyer, can tell fiverr that I waive that time restraint (which is what it really is… a creative restraint.)

If forcing cancellations on projects is forced on everyone… then sadly, we’ll need to find another source for our future work.

thanks for reading my little rant / inquiry … best of luck with your gig’n



When you place an order with a seller, that seller MUST deliver within the timeframe stated in his gig; if the seller fails and go too late, the order can be cancelled and an automatic negative feedback is left.

A possible solution for your sellers could be using the “Send a custom quote” feature: with this they can provide a fully customized order (they can choose the amount of gigs and days needed) that you can accept or not.


Reply to @mark74: Good comment.


Reply to @mark74: One question about this “custom quote”: will the buyer be able to rate and leave review like a “normal” order? I just used this feature for the fisrt time and after I delivered the buyer said “thanks” but didn’t rate the order.

kjblynx said: They can rate and leave feedback, but it doesn't show up anywhere on your page as far as I can tell.

That's just weird. One would think some of the most thorough, useful feedback would be from orders that are presumably more involved.


Reply to @kjblynx: that’s not always true; if a custom quote is sent after a message on a specific gig, the feedback left for the order is now shown on the gig!!


Reply to @itsyourthing: it’s weird, but at the very beginning this was the behaviour :frowning:

Now it’s been slightly changed luckily…


Hey Mark74… thanks… from now on I’m going to request / offer that from sellers. That way there’s no race to the finish.

I have no problem paying extra,… I wouldn’t expect anyone to do very much of anything for 5.00… I have no problem waiting longer, I won’t leave myself in a rushed situation…

But I have a real problem when I’m asking a direct question, and the person won’t answer.

Hey… Mark74 is responsible for keeping a buyer in the fold.

thanks again Mark74


Reply to @jf575757: I’m glad you finally decided to stay!!

I’m sure you’ll find wonderful sellers and have great experiences here… and maybe even some bad one just like in real life :wink:



I checked your profile… unfortunately, we’re not in the market (at this time) for any of your skills… But I will come looking for you if / when we ever do.

And I’d like to stress again… the seller did do an admirable job. Exactly what we asked for.

Now to get some design work done.