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Forced Gigs / Client Bullying

I am a mother of a couple, who works on fiverr whenever she can and also has to work other jobs to make a living. Now I have had a rough 1.5 year or so. I have had trouble making ends meet and at the same time it has been really hard for me to have computer access and to come on fiverr.

Having said that, what disheartens me the most is when I have to face bully clients who think fiverr is some slavers pit, where they can simply disregard my request on each gig page to ‘message and confirm availability before ordering’ and simply order the gig nevertheless, and then bully if I politely decline them immediately, due to lack of time (since most of them order express gigs without asking, even though I explicitly mention to ask first), or even those who order work which I simply don’t offer (like recreating and improving/adding up on 3 separate complicated designs, and then vectorizing them… for $5!!). What is with this frustration? Simply because you see I offer more than most in my field in a single gig, you think you can exploit me and bully me into delivering despite the current workload?

As hard as it is for me, I still try to work on fiverr , because of this amazingly helpful platform and my ever so respectful recurring clients, and thus can’t have my profile on vacations all the time. But it is really saddening when clients disrespect all that and threaten to report me and that I should ‘leave fiverr and stop wasting people’s time’ simple because they won’t read the FIRST LINE on my gig page before ordering, and would be pissed if I decline their order even 5 minutes later.

Some of you might not agree with me, but I really needed a space to vent out. Wish there was a way to report such bullies and teach them some manners. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead.

Yes, Fiverr is a bit on an Indiana Jones snake pit of exploitative buyers. That said, I would just give up on asking buyers to contact you prior to ordering. I tried this last year due to doing a bit of chef work and in the end just went on vacation for about 4 months.

People will rarely honor such requests. Also, if you request cancellation of orders too frequently, you could be de-ranked from level 2 to 1.

Your best option is probably to sort out your computer access issues, increase your standard delivery time and maybe start offering less per order than you do now.

hmm well I guess that’s unfair on fiverr’s part if I lose a rank just because clients don’t honor my request. Guess you’re right. I’ll have to remove 24 hours delivery. But I somehow need to convey to them that I CANNOT do absolutely all kinds of work. I have a skill limit for the kind of work I can recreate and deliver.