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Forced me to turn on Vacation Mode! 😁

For some reason, my Fiverr experience is same as always since I knew the possible outcomes that might come in my way and I was always prepared. All thanks to the Fiverr Forum and a nice community, I learned everything I need to make sales from this community. Fiverr is the first platform where I started freelancing, and I never hoped to switch or try anything else. I work less here, less than average, don’t care about not getting orders. I don’t promote or spam my gigs anywhere because I don’t have any social influences or activities. I’m only depending on this site itself to get orders or making new customers and I don’t care about going out to advertise my gigs.
Everything may sound silly, but that’s what I did, and trying to do because I’m not in an earn or die situation, or I don’t need to think about feeding anyone or worrying about future too.
Hell, I’m still the person without a career and I have some study left to do. xD

So, above was the summary of what I do in Fiverr. As I stated, I deliver less than 20 orders in a 30 days cycle and sh** happens. So, If I get two cancellations then my order completion rate goes to 90% and in a 60 days cycle If there is another cancellation I’m outta the league. The evaluation resets in 30 days, and the completion rate resets in 60 days, means I’m still carrying the burden of past months cancellations. And, the thing is, no one wants to cancel an order except most of the time its buyer’s fault. They want a damn research paper to be completed at five bucks or keep changing the instructions. Moreover, ordering by mistake is not a new issue and some people doesn’t care about reading the gig descriptions before making an order. I got two cancellations is last two days for these stupid reasons and the system forced myself to turn on the vacation mode. Why? Next evaluation is on February 15 and I’m at 91%.Thus, if anything goes wrong and I get another cancellation I am out of the game. Something just pisses me off after a long long time. :persevere:


My strong suggestion is to raise your prices up to at least $10 to avoid cancellations if possible. Try it. Or even more.


Even I will suggest you to raise prices. I know, you might be thinking that you will not get orders if you do so. May be because everyone else in your category is selling it for less. Even I used to believe that but after multiple bad experiences…I decided to raise price and go up from $5 to $40. Guess what? That was the best month ever. No stress and way more earnings. And back then, when I raised my prices, everyone else in my category was selling services for $5. Even now, my gig is way more expensive than most of the sellers in my category. Just give it a try for 2 weeks! :slight_smile: Basically, if you are good at what you do…people will buy your services regardless of price.


Thanks for the suggestion. But I don’t know how will higher price help me to avoid cancellation?

  • people who order by mistake and ask for cancellation,
  • people who update their instructions after the delivery,
  • people who ask for more and more without any sense of humor,
  • people who don’t bother to read the descriptions before ordering a gig,

disappear after changing the gig price? It’s the system to blame! If evaluation happens in 30 days cycle, then why they need to count completition rate from 60 days? It’s like 1 cancellations worths 2 times of evaluation, sounds totally unfair to me.

Thank you for supporting misscrystal’s idea. I already mentioned in my post that I don’t worry about the order for my less effort, time and intelligence. As a seller, getting orders, influencing people, keep running my business forward is my responsibility. But I wasn’t talking about not getting orders or mek sels, I was talking about the facts of the order completion rate and the evaluation system. Looking forward to borrow your ideas and moving towards Fiverr’s updates.

Because those who only pay $5 are those who are a problem buyer in some way much of the time and those who pay at least $10 are not. Just try it. You will see.

Yes that’s how it has worked for many of us.


They won’t just disappear but you will definitely notice a difference (less cancellations).

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@discobot fortune

Will @n4y33m take our excellent advice?

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:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Good point!
I will definitely try this out. :crystal_ball:
Earning less isn’t the problem, I just can’t think of losing that purple badge.

@discobot it took more than 3 minutes to find that sign.