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Forced to cancel orders because buyers want things that I'm not allowed to do

I specialise in spokesperson videos, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few buyers request fake reviews/testimonials, even though I explicitly state in my bio that I don’t do them. So, of course, I take it to the resolution center and make a request to cancel.

It’s really frustrating that mutual cancellations goes against you. My completion rating is now at 55% - I had been doing so well, and had started to make plans going forward for my Fiverr strategy. Since cancelling the last order I’ve had barely any views and not a sniff of another order. It’s affecting my Fiverr performance and it’s totally unfair. I’ve been doing everything by the book. I would have made a lot more money if I had done those fake reviews.

Should I be reporting those who are asking for services that are against Fiverr’s T&Cs? Will that help my rating?


Sorry to hear this has happened to you. We had this a while back with Auto-dialer scripts. A client bulk-ordered a few without messaging. Auto-dialer scripts probably aren’t against Fiverr’s TOS, but these were extremely spammy, we didn’t want to be a part of that industry or attach our voice to it, so we cancelled, and suffered in exactly the way you’re describing now.

The good news is that things will pick up again for you. We find that our sales dip for about a week after we’ve had a cancellation, then things start to get better.

One thing you could also try (if you haven’t already, I haven’t checked your gigs) is to ensure you mention it in your description. It may be more luck than anything else, but we did this immediately after, and haven’t had any similar orders since.

Best of luck.

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I wouldn’t use the resolution center but send a ticket to support, tell them someone ordered something that violates the ToS and ask them to cancel for you.
Like that, my last order that was something against the ToS, didn’t affect my rating. There’s no guarantee, people seem to have mixed experiences, and it still might influence your standing (my rate stayed at 100% but the cancellation was yet reflected on the analytics page) but I’d definitely try.


I’m so glad to hear that CS is able to do this! This is the first ray of sunshine in an ordinarily dismal process of cancellations affecting levels. Maybe they are finally getting the idea that sellers shouldn’t be punished for things like this.


Dang, I wish I had done this when a student ordered two gigs and I had to tell doing homework was against ToS and then I cancelled through the resolution center. My order completion rating is at 95% so I am holding my breath until they fall off of my stats. :roll_eyes:


Usually all and any type of cancellation affect your order completion rate
Don’t know if the any such cancellation actually exist where your completion rate is not affected

But do contact customer support and let us all know how it goes

Will be helpful

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Hi all, thanks for your advice. The community on Fiverr is a really good resource; we are all in this together!

I had actually contacted CS before making this post, and they just said that I should keep going and eventually it will drop off my stats (currently at 58% completion), but the thing is - my last three orders are now cancellations, so there could come a point where my completion rate is 0%!

It’s heartening to know that it could pick up after a week or so, but I will keep in contact with CS and see if there’s anything else they can do. It really is frustrating!