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Forced to pick a Getty Stock Image

Hi, I recently had an order where they chose to have me use a getty stock image. The client ended up choosing one of his own images instead of the getty stock image. I tried to submit the order without the getty stock image, but it would not let me submit the order without choosing and downloading a getty stock image. So I had to pick a random image just to submit the order. Is there any way I can refund him for not using the getty image? Also shouldn’t there be an option to turn off/refund the getty image once an order is placed?


The only way real way would have been to cancel the order once the buyer who had purchased the order with that option no longer wanted that option I think and then asked the buyer to re-order but without that stock image option. That would affect completion rate (unless maybe you asked CS to cancel it without it affecting it and they did/could).

To refund the buyer now, maybe try asking CS. The only other way would maybe be to offer a discount on a future order but that doesn’t really fix the existing order.

I never do an order when the buyer adds something to the scope without my permission. You don’t owe this buyer extra work that you never agreed to.

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