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Forced to use revision


I ordered a few weeks ago and the delivery date was set for today. 13 minutes before the order deadline occurred, the buyer delivered my order in an obscure file format.

I spent ages working out how to convert it but eventually managed to and instead of giving me the video I requested, the video was a nature video in a foreign language.

I was forced to waste one of the few revisions I have to tell the buyer that this is not at all what I asked for and that I requested something completely different.

This was clearly intentional too as he even sent me a storyboard to confirm what was going to happen and his storyboard was very good and made me very hopeful that he was going to produce a good video.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out this way.


Sad to hear that but try to explain best as possible & if seller is not working right simple go to resolution center & request to cancel order & have your refund in your account balance


most important thing try to explain as much as you can and if you provide any example the this is a best way to understand. thanks