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Forensic Science of Fiverr Verifying your :ID: 👩🏽‍🔬 POLL included 👨‍🔬


Forensic Science of Fiverr Verifying your :id: :woman_scientist:t4: :man_scientist:

I’m sure most of you have heard about the mandatory :id: Verification.

If you’ve been living under a rock here’s the linkage.

I’ve been tangled up with these topics and read countless POV re: Sellers Verifying Your Identity. I’ve had private discussions with other Sellers. I’ve heard it all facial recognition, biometrics, blood/urine analysis, DNA and so much more. :flushed: Since I’m a science nut, I had to ask CS a few burning questions.

Questions asked to CS:

1. What happens to Sellers accounts/gigs if they do not provide this info within (7) days?

We are not able to share with you what happens with the seller’s accounts due to our Privacy Policy.

2. Would an extension be granted to Sellers awaiting their credentials for i.e., passports and other IDs from the government?

The sellers will need to contact us and we will be further explaining to them the corresponding actions.

3. Would this policy apply to Buyers as well?

This policy only applies to sellers at this moment and we don’t know if it will apply to buyers in the future.

What are your thoughts? Got a burning Question? Include them here, perhaps Fiverr Staff will read this thread. :no_mouth:

I’ll add a poll in my next post stay tuned.

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The fiverr ID system


:fleur_de_lis:*Anonymous poll just to protect your identity. :smile:

Sellers are you willing to comply with this policy?

  • Yes, I’ll happily comply. :sunglasses:
  • Nope, I’ll leave the site. :roll_eyes:
  • Meh, on da fence. :grimacing:

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I’ve never heard of another company soooo unable to share so much information, due to their “Privacy Policies”…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why would this particular information be so hush hush?

They SHOULD be able to share so users know what to expect.


Hi @nikavoice,

Maybe you should add “Yes, not happy but I have no choice” or something like that. There are people that needs to work and if forced, they’ll go through verification although they wouldn’t like to.


thinking na da fence . … meant the same… not happy but have no choice…


Well, the thing that rubbed me the wrong way… This link was shared by another user @offlinehelpers. If she didn’t post the link, I wouldn’t have a clue about the new :id: thingy. I highly doubt Sellers are spending time in the Help & Education Center finding the newly added stuff. A newsletter should be sent to Sellers to prepare them for this mandatory change.


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, can’t edit the poll, but people can share their thoughts.


I agree … TOTALLY … with the idea of a newsletter… otherwise
many might not know… thanks to you … I knew it although I was only
skimming thru the forum… thanx :slight_smile:


I’m likely to jump before I’m pushed.

If I can’t (or don’t want to) prove my identity (it’s me! :sunny:) within 7 days my account will be closed down - that’s basically what it’s saying.

So, if I’ve got funds pending clearance for 14 days when I get my ID request, I’m a bit stuffed really?

Might as well put a big sign up saying ‘we don’t trust any of you’. :frowning:


I’m afraid, many people will just pack up :handbag: and leave. I read the FAQs on that article, and they left out so many questions. I had a million to ask but didn’t want to overwhelm the nice Support Agent.

Especially, considering us having to wait (14) days for payment to clear. :no_mouth:


Exactly, which should include the consequence of not providing it. There’s NO reason why that should be a privacy issue - as it relates to users on a large scale – not individual users.

In that link posted it says

“Do I have to verify my identity?
Verification is mandatory if you receive a notification.”

So maybe they will not make it a pre-requsit for all users, and that is why the information won’t be shared due to privacy policy…

Some user’s :nose: will be out of joint , if it’s not mandatory for everyone, but they were asked to provide theirs.


To me, it is obvious that Fiverr doesn’t want or need our ID details to make Fiverr safer. The fact that they will be sharing our data with third parties makes this blatantly obvious.

Me supplying my ID to Fiverr will in no way prevent me from suffering a chargeback.

As for buyer safety, I really do not understand how sane human beings actually get scammed by sellers on Fiverr.

  • CS now cancels orders on a whim
  • Even if CS will not cancel an order, a buyer can file a chargeback

Anyway, the biggest red flag with this rests with the fact that Fiverr has been mute on the matter. I haven’t received an email, notification, or anything else about this. If I was like @offlinehelpers but didn’t use the forum, I would not be aware that soon my account may be deactivated due to me not being able to get my hands on a government ID in time.

This subject desperately requires an official announcement and at least a forum thread focused on common FAQs.

For a start, I don’t live in the UK but am a UK citizen and my Maltese ID card has a nice note on it saying that it can’t be used for official identity purposes (with regard to travel etc).

So, which ID does Fiverr want? An ID which says who I am or an ID which says where I am?

If Fiverr is doing this for security reasons, I would assume the latter. However, what about mobile freelancers/digital nomads?

There are too many unanswered questions. Then there is the fact that a company which can’t fix glaring bugs in its own platform now wants me to believe that they have just snapped their fingers and magically created a digital Fort Knox where my iD will be kept 100% safe and secure.

No one with a brain should even think about acquiescing to this.


It won’t extinguish sellers with multiple accounts, but it will help for sure.

I have no problem sending my ID for verification.

I believe it will clean the marketplace


Would you mind elaborating? I genuinely want to know how you and other sellers think this will clean up Fiverr.


I’m sick & tired of having to come to the forum to read about these BIG changes.
Send me an Official statement.

Not in the least bit. The fact that this policy is just for Sellers, chaps my arse. The same should apply to Buyers as well. On the other hand, I’m a Buyer/Seller see how the water gets :poop: muddied?

See, that’s where it gets tricky, asking a ‘certain’ group to furnish :id: doesn’t sound or look good. People will undoubtedly say it’s discrimination.


I don’t have any idea about this but if its not annoying that much then it will have fun on fiverr :slight_smile:

By the way thank you for sharing such News.


:arrow_down: Taken from the FAQs under “Verifying Your Identity” (Seller Help Center)

Is my information secure?
Yes. We take great care in maintaining the security of the site and your information and in preventing unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or damage to it through industry standard technologies and internal procedures.

:arrow_up: YEAH RIGHT! :expressionless: Like I’m gonna believe that!


I’m not a place where I feel :100:% OK with divulging my personal info to 5r.


I think Fiverr hasn’t even think about the consequences that could bring for people living in certain countries like mine, in the event personal data were disclosed. And I’m not talking about paying taxes, that’s the least, I’m talking about personal security.

That’s a very sensitive subject that Fiverr should seriously take into account. Unfortunately, not everybody lives in the US or the EU.


I’m glad that you brought up this issue.

I remember having a chat with a nice Seller from a certain part of the world. He stated it was hard for him to get a National :id: he applied for one in 2014 and still waiting. Sadly, this will leave most Sellers up :poop: creek without a paddle. :woman_shrugging:t4: