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Forensic Science of Fiverr Verifying your :ID: 👩🏽‍🔬 POLL included 👨‍🔬


I mean cleaning because there are so many fake sellers (sellers with multiple accounts and fake names). Probably these won’t be able to provide a valid ID and probably would get restricted.

I believe they (fiverr) don’t have use for this except for control.

Many other sites which have money exchange involved ask the same, like CFD brokers. It’s only new here at fiverr.

I really believe it’s positive and may get rid of many fake sellers, or sellers that got their account deleted, for violating ToS, to get back again at the marketplace.


I hope you realize that everyone has friends and can probably ‘’ borrow ‘’ their id’s as they please …


You are probably right on this but personally I don’t actually have an issue with it. I know I am way too laissez faire with data and situations like this.
That said:

  • I dislike that those who have an issue with this will not have a choice.
  • I dislike that other than “making things secure”, nobody wants to explain what that actually means.
    Secure for who?
    If its for sellers, why not tell us why? Oh, and also how having another company holding our personal details makes us safer.
    If it is for buyers, why not tell them, even as a selling point?
    If it is for Fiverr, who is it that you don’t trust or perhaps what changed after 8 years that necessitated this?
  • I can see a couple of potential reasons for this but really, none seem valuable or effective enough to actually make it worthwhile.


Sure, but like I said, I don’t believe it will extinguish, but it will help.

Better a little help than nothing.


But a little help vs. having all sellers have to give their ID to be stored by a company.
In this case it doesn’t seem like it is worth it.


In any legal (inside the law) regular job you MUST give your ID.

Freelancing doesn’t mean anonymity, it means work without employment relationship.

I believe there are more law issues behind this than a real use to fiverr company


Fiverr can have all my contact details, address, kids names, a video of me talking to my dogs when nobody is around etc if they are going to actually act like an employer but of course I will then be entitled to

  • Health care
  • Sick pay
  • Pension

and whatever else is standard these days. Other than that, trying to be “a bit like an employer” without any of the actual benefits of employment being given is not a good or valid reason.

If that were the reason then surely Fiverr could say “Sorry guys, we have no choice about this - it’s the law, not our fault” and then someone could start the topic I hate my government or whatever.


We have a number of laws, official bodies etc. to protect personal data in the UK, for example the Information Commisssioner etc. who can fine businesses for not looking after user data correctly, or indeed misusing it. I’d be happy if I were to have to hand over any data knowing I was covered by the rules pertaining to my country.

That’s not going to be the case though, is it?


But the same should apply to Buyers. Yanno the ones using CB/make new accounts to do it all over again to defraud honest Sellers out of their hard earned money. How is Fiverr just using this tactic against Sellers helpful? In fact it pisses me off even more.


or just don’t, like they never explain many changes they do at marketplace for example.

To me, I believe it’s much more worrisome someone linking their Facebook and Google, and etc accounts, which have much more information about you, than your ID.


This is my sentiments exactly, I’m starting to feel like Fiverr is morphing into the role of becoming my faux Employer. Fiverr is not paying for my healthcare or sick pay etc.

Asking for these credentials just doesn’t make any sense. The reason(s) is vague to boot!


It’s confusing to say the least as only sellers are being asked for this information and not buyers. It’s frustrating that this information wasn’t publicly announced as most had to discover this intel by way of forum posts. It’s batty as heck that they don’t/can’t/won’t provide additional info on the out comes relating to users if something isn’t done in compliance to the changes.

One of the draws for coming to this platform was that there wasn’t a need for such information for signing up, there were no restrictions in terms of how many areas of specialty you could utilize, not irrelevant skills test and certainly no bid wars for getting jobs. One of the biggest fears at the moment is the uncertainty of them doing what they say and protecting our info and taking the route FB did by changing our inputted information without our permission.

Just clear explanations for why they need such information isn’t asking too much.


Like I said, This is what I believe helping in the seller side.

But I don’t know if they will ask buyers ID for this. If they do, probably will lose many potential clients

But chill out. This is standard in many places, why here it’s something weird?

I stick with the theory of cleaning the marketplace on fake sellers. if it works, it would be awesome


Becuase it’s not, not where I’m from anyway.


Like I said, many places I worked with, which involves company sending money to user, they ask.


The EU has just implemented the biggest shake up in the history of personal data and the internet to specifically avoid people’s data being mined/used/sold without their consent etc. Every site that serves people in the EU has had to change their legal policy as a result. Fiverr is asking for the most personal of data as “verification” without giving any clear reason. It is such a contrast that it is really stands out as odd.


I’m a Buyer/Seller so yes it’s confusing as hell. :rage:

This is how I feel too. The information given doesn’t appease me.

It’s very weird, twilight zone weird. Other websites handle their changes in a professional & concise manner to avoid mayhem & pandemic. They addressed the issues head-on for their users to understand without having to take second guesses.

  • Their approach to the :id: is lackluster

  • Why not send out a mass email to Sellers to prepare themselves?

  • The FAQs to the article had what :four: Q & As? LOLz, what a joke!

I’m not buying it’s to cleanup the market.


Some of us don’t use Facebook for this reason.

Anyway you are completely wrong about this cleaning up the marketplace. I used to make money sports betting using an arbitrage system which required use of several betting accounts in several different names. In less than a week after starting, I had verified betting accounts in several countries including the UK, Hungary, New Zealand and the US.

When there is money to be made, people with a few neurons to rub together always manage to circumvent whatever systems they need to. That’s why things like gun control never really work to wrestle things like guns out of the hands of gangsters and drug dealers.

Also, wasn’t St Levels supposed to clean up Fiverr?


I TOTALLY agree… But at least, in my opinion (imo), it is good that Fiverr is thinking about trying and improving the situation (to curb the fake seller profiles) a little. That’s a start! They’ve started with the sellers… Obviously, they are not gonna start with the buyers… cuz then, the buyers might feel inconvenienced (dealing with all the hassles of providing an ID and whatnot, just so they can use Fiverr) and they might just move on… and Fiverr might end up losing a business opportunity.

So, their first “PREY” are the sellers. Of course, the sellers can move on as well… But the proportion of sellers who would be willing to do that would probably be much lesser than the proportion of buyers.

A vast majority of sellers feel constrained by Fiverr’s rules and find it hard to escape cuz they rely on Fiverr for their livelihood (at least partially). On the other hand, the buyer has more freedom and finds it much easier to go wherever s/he pleases.

If there is no other efficient way by which to curb the increasing number of fake seller profiles, then, imo, the ID verification process is a necessary bane. The fact that they haven’t implemented it on the buyers yet is a whole another story (like I tried to explain in this post). But, in the future, I hope they are able to implement it on them as well.


Exactly. I’m pretty sure nobody will be forced to give their ID, but nobody is also forced to stay in fiverr as well, right?

You must understand that fiverr involves financial transactions, and it CAN’T be anonymous, because taxes and IRS issues. The reason BITCOINS were created, but it’s prohibited in many places because money laundry and many other issues. Actually there is no country which agrees 100% with these kind of cryptos.

They (probably) CAN ask this, or it would be the worst and most amateur strategy they used till now.

I’m not saying it’s the best move, but I don’t believe fiverr would be so amateur for asking something so controversial for not apparently reason.