Forever "Processing Video..."


It has been two days now since I uploaded my video for my first gig and it’s still processing. I have the gig suspended right now until the video finishes. It’s been ready to go for two days, but I don’t want to activate it without the video.

What gives fiverr?

I even posted on fiverr’s Facebook page and no response. Heck, they don’t even let you post there until it gets their approval. And they have this nice photo of their employees on the support page but absolutely ZERO ways to contact them directly.

Is this typical? Are all sellers who would make fiverr money treated like this? I’m getting a real sour taste in my mouth from fiverr now. Please tell me something is wrong and that this isn’t the norm. Thanks.


Thanks for the info, bachas, that helps. I wish Fiverr would have informed its users of this policy.


If I just activate my gig without reuploading the video, will it still go through the process? Uploading it was a huge pain, I had to outsource that to a friend with better internet…


Update, I did what I said above and my video has gone live, so I guess you don’t actually have to reupload it. :slight_smile: