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Forex trading lessons finally here!


Hey Hunters!

Finally it´s here! :tada:
I managed to get the time to teach you guys how to trade Forex - from beginners to masters Fx Horizon Trading will show you how to rock the markets in live-chat / charting / trading lessons!

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that´s not what it is built for” :ship: - John A. Shedd

Best wishes


Are you also going to give us a profitable strategy?


I don’t mean to be blunt, I went through your profile and I pondered. If you are making that much money in forex, why are you on Fiverr?


You can´t tell what future brings us, but I will show you different kinds of strategies also used by bigger players in the market which where profitable in the past until today :slight_smile:

It will include strategies based on indicators - MAs, MACDs, Bollingers,… strategies based on Fibos, Pivots, Demand/Supply - Support/Resistance, I will show you how Price-Action works, Candle-Sticks patterns, harmonics, …

You see there are a lot… and I can show you all so you will for sure get your personal favourite one :wink:


Easy answer - trading is kind of a lonely work… I love getting in touch with new people and like to teach others what I know :wink: Money is not all in life


Thanks for the elaborate answer. I really wish you good luck in passing the knowledge to other people.


i have worked in Forex markets for one year, after this experience i decided to left this career, really it is so stressful, i am now do Translation service for Broker companies into my native language “Arabic”,
i hope are doing well in the market and good luck with you Gig :slight_smile: