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Forget I Ever Asked

I became a seller on Fiverr yesterday and was going to inquire about your thoughts on my gigs and your insight into why I have zero impressions after at least 12 hours of the gigs being active. I then read other posts and saw sellers who’ve been in the exact same position as me for much longer. :astonished:

So, I will leave you all with these two humble links in case someone can provide a bit of insight, but without holding my breath in anticipation of a miracle. :crazy_face:

The struggle is real!


What do you mean? You’ve been here for 12 hours.

Insights are daily, this post is odd.

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Just a little tongue in cheek humor Kometbeats, that’s all. :wink:

It says your fictional message is perfect for “GoFundMe Campaigns” - why would someone want a fictional message for their gofundme page? And wouldn’t that be fraud if they’re asking for money by giving a fictional message about themselves or someone?


“and proofread and edit writing assignments and term papers for college students.”

Suggest you remove the above from your profile description as this may invite buyers looking for help with academic work. This is a violation of the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and will risk a seller’s account.


uk1000…you mean there are nonfictional GoFundMe campaigns? Color me shocked! Okay, I’ll remove that.

lloydsolutions…I’m aware doing that is against the FIverr ToS, but it’s not as though I’m offering that service on Fiverr…it’s just something I do outside of Fiverr. But, if you think it would invite inquires into offering that service to customers on Fiverr, I’ll delete that.

Thanks for the tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope this trick may work for getting views on your gigs… Analytics on number of impressions may not appear just merely after 12 hours even if you have actually got some impressions, so pls keep some patience. You are a creative guy. Why a mask on your face on Fiverr? Pls give a thought to it…Good luck

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Building your Fiverr business takes time and effort.

Check this out to make the struggle easier:

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I don’t have many photos of myself and that particular one is the most recent. The mask was a requirement due to my location at that time (doctor office…shoulder injury). I’ll get myself gussied up and post a new photo within a few days.

Speaking of photos, there’s something I’m curious about…

I’m aware Fiverr suggests posting a photo of yourself, but I’ve seen many others using random photos (not of people) and I’m guessing some are not even using their own photo. My wife is quite good looking, and I’d be lying if I hadn’t thought of using a photo of her rather than one of me. After all, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t a person click on a gig showing a photo of a good looking woman than of a middle-aged man? Thoughts?


I think your photo is just on point, it’s much more easier to approach somebody that looks naturally. And its quarantine so people will be much more convinced that photo is not scammed from Google :smiley:

Yeah, many people do that

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If you put someone else’s photo on your profile (showing someone that isn’t you) you’d probably get in trouble re: the terms of service in the section about “authentic profile”. They also might ask for ID verification and see it doesn’t match.


I’ll never suggest you to use any other’s photo as this will clearly violate the Fiverr’s policy. Fiverr itself recommends to use one’s own picture at the place of profile picture, and this is the reason why Fiverr has given this option, so why not avail of this opportunity. Pictures of sellers connect well with the buyers. You get some real feel of interacting with any buyer or any other member on Fiverr.

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Trust me everybody hesitate to put their photo, nobody cares anyways people just want to see that you are human like them also :smiley:

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Good point uk1k (would uk1k be a better handle than uk1000? :wink: ). Perhaps I can just make a photo for a gig showing me doing some proofreading/editing for my wife, as though she’s a customer. I can make it campy…her next to me…me holding some papers with a GIANT red pen in my hand to make edits with. Being a guy, I know how our brains work, and I’m not against using my wife’s attractiveness for my own gains. :rofl:


It was mentioned by lloydsolutions (above) that I should remove from my profile “proofread and edit writing assignments and term papers for college students.” That information is just listing what I do outside of Fiverr…it was not offered in a gig. I included it in my bio because according to Fiverr I should list my past and current experience.

So, imagine my surprise when I was cruising through gigs being offered in my field and saw one where a seller is offering to proofread, edit and even re-write up to 20% of a capstone paper or dissertation. Not only is the seller offering that service (for $300), but it has a “Fiverr’s Choice” tag on the gig.

Anyone care to explain why I should not have what I did on my profile describing my experience, yet that seller can offer a gig offering that very same service here on Fiverr?

Have at it…I’ll wait.

It is easier explained if you read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

Have read that before…so I’ve read it twice now. While I get your point, my point was the gig in question has the “Fiverr’s Choice” tag. So, it would appear that Fiverr is not in the process of identifying and removing that gig, as your link suggests. Does this not seem odd to anyone else?

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining…just trying to accurately decipher the ToS and how it will apply to the gigs I offer. If a gig such as that is not only approved by Fiverr, but recommended by Fiverr, that opens up a whole new area of gigs for me to tap into on the platform, as it’s something I regularly do outside of Fiverr.

In other news, my number of impressions exploded overnight (46 and 54), although the number of clicks were low in comparison (2 and 4) and the number of orders were nonexistent. Still on the grind though.

Then report them.

It’s possible that was edited in after they got the tag.

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